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Western Europe

MSC Cruise to Spain, France & Sardinia

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Fly from Liverpool to Majorca where you will begin your European voyage experience on the MSC Fantasia Cruise. Spend 7 nights sailing around and visit:-

Palma de Mallorca – 16th Sep 2020 / Arrive – – Depart 23:59

Palma belongs to Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, measuring about 75km /47 miles from north to south and 100km/62 miles from east to west. The beautiful scenery, the mild climate and the copious amount of accommodation make the island a major European tourist centre. Any visitor who arrives in Palma by boat or ship discovers a city spread across the curve of a wide bay, with its proud cathedral standing guard like its former days of maritime glory.

Valencia – 17th Sep 2020 / Arrive 08:00 – Depart 16:00

VALENCIA the country’s third biggest city and although it boasts many great historic, cultural and modern visitor attractions this is one of the least tourist-orientated cities to be found in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. The outskirts consist of an unimpressive collection of modern, sprawling and industrialised areas but the historic heart of Valencia is very beautiful and still very Spanish, almost untouched by mass tourism. This is the home of paella, one of the most spectacular fiestas in Spain and (reputedly) the Holy Grail from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the City itself and the warm, inviting character of its inhabitants.

Marseille – 18th Sep 2020 / Arrive 12:00 – Depart 20:00

MARSEILLE The second city of France and the capital of the Provence-Costa Azzurra region. Marseille lies on the southeastern coast of France. The strong mistral wind blows away all traces of pollution and thus provides clarity of air so pure that many famous artists have been attracted to the city: Cézanne; Braque; Derain; Dufy and Marquet. Although Marseille is the economic and industrial capital of France, it manages to remain true to its own traditions and culture, reflected in the Marsillian way of life and its numerous museums, theatres and opera houses.

Genoa – 19th Sep 2020 / Arrive 08:00 – Depart 18:00

GENOA cradled between land and sea, living and working in the port, breathing its past in her palaces, passionately fond of the terraced hills that embrace the city, Genoa has many different faces. A modern metropolis and a severe custodian of artistic heritage, an industrious marketplace that also has century-old parks to relax in. Genoa hides her riches in an historical centre that looks traditionally seaward yet at the same time exhibits a new beauty achieved by restoring the splendour of ages past. Youthfulness springs from the new urban fabric that has restored works of arts and architecture.

Civitavecchia – 20th Sep 2020 / Arrive 07:00 – Depart 19:00

Civitavecchia is the port about one hour from the capital of Italy, Rome means history. There are layers of the stuff – Etruscan tombs, republican meeting rooms, imperial temples, early Christian churches, medieval bell towers, renaissance palaces and baroque basilicas. In this city a phenomenal concentration of history, legend and monuments coexists with an equally phenomenal concentration of people busily going about their everyday life. So get your cultural fill but be sure to leave time for more hedonistic concerns: eat till you can eat no more and get drunk on architecture and sunshine.

Palermo – 21st Sep 2020 / Arrive 10:00 – Depart 18:00

Palermo Once an important Mediterranean centre, Palermo still has the grandeur of its former greatness. Now the capital of Sicily, it is a large, spacious and colourful city, set on the plain of Conca d’Oro (Golden Shell) between two magnificent headlands. The area has been under numerous dominators over the centuries, including Roman, Carthaginian, Byzantine, Greek, Arab, Norman, Swabian and Spanish. Due to this past the city is still an exotic mixture of many cultures. Many of the monuments still exist giving the city a somewhat unique appearance.

Cagliari – 22nd Sep 2020 / Arrive 09:00 – Depart 17:00

Palma de Mallorca – 23rd Sep 2020 / Arrive 13:30 – Depart 23:59

For the final part of the holiday fly from Majorca back to Liverpool.

Included in your  Cruise :-

  • 7 nights on the MSC Fantasia
  • Premium Drinks Package included
  • Fantastica Experience
  • Gratuities Included

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  • Departs

    16th September 2020

  • Price

    £1,079 per person– based on 2 Adults for 7 nights

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