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About Japan

Japan is situated in the Pacific Ocean with Shinkansen bullet trains connecting the 3 main islands of Kyushu, Honshu (home to the  country’s capital, Tokyo), and Hokkaido.

Tokyo, the capital, is known for towering skyscrapers, technological advancement, incredible shopping and J-pop culture. It’s a jam-packed city with a delightful mix of the old traditions and the relentless pace of the contemporary, stylish and quirky. Including world-class luxury hotels, fashionable boutiques and traditional Japanese eateries. Tokyo constantly defies the imagination and is a blast to the senses.

As well as the dense cities, there are many Japanese people who live a more sleepy and idyllic way of life. Where traditional architecture is still beautifully maintained after centuries of existence and stunning natural landscapes create a picture perfect countryside especially when the pink blossom blooms.

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